Preview: Issue 26

The latest issue of The Lyme Report goes out to subscribers tomorrow and in it I’ll be taking a look at an Ontario lab that’s taking a translational medicine approach to Lyme disease research and delving into the unexpected presence of “European” Lyme rashes in Canada.

  • FEATURE: The G. Magnotta Lyme Research Laboratory at the University of Guelph was founded three years ago. In this issue, we’ll explore what the lab is researching, how they are researching it, and what the initial results are.

  • ANALYSIS: It’s not often we hear about acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (ACA) rashes in Canada, but they’ve been turning up in a small percentage of Lyme disease cases in this country. We’ll delve into a recent report on five domestic cases and what they could mean for Lyme disease diagnosis in this country.

  • NEWS BRIEFS: Free tick removal cards, repelling ticks naturally, tackling Lyme disease in Quebec, and Saskatchewan residents show great enthusiasm for snapping photos of ticks.

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