Preview: Issue 17

Lyme disease vaccines

The latest issue of The Lyme Report goes out to subscribers tomorrow and in it I’ll be taking a look at Lyme disease vaccines, Lyme knowledge in New Brunswick, and a mystery illness in a tick-exposed dog.

  • FEATURE:  With research efforts into the development of Lyme disease vaccines ramping up in Canada, now seems like a good time to take a look at the present and future of vaccines for humans, dogs, and even white-footed mice.

  • ANALYSIS:  Researchers recently undertook a survey of outdoor enthusiasts in New Brunswick in an effort to learn what they know about Lyme disease. I’ll take you through what they discovered and what they feel needs to happen next.

  • ANALYSIS: Veterinarians in the US came across a strange illness in a dog and with the help of the Ontario Veterinary College were able to determine what it was. We’ll take a look at that case and the information veterinarians used to figure out this tick-related medical mystery.

  • NEWS BRIEFS: A Canadian biologist weighs in on the maternal transmission of Lyme disease, research scientists discuss the connection between climate change and infectious diseases, Durham Region declares a climate emergency, tick-infested moose make headlines, and a University of Alberta researcher shares some insights on Lyme disease. 

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