Preview: Issue 15

A Powassan's virus primer

The latest issue of The Lyme Report goes out to subscribers tomorrow and in it I’ll be discussing groundhogs, wood chips, and pleomorphism. And, of course, I’ll be telling you what all of these things have to do with tick-borne illnesses. In tomorrow’s newsletter you will find: 

  • FEATURE:  Powassan virus has been getting a lot of press in the past couple of years, so now seems like a good time to discuss what it is, where it’s found, how concerned Canadians should be, and what the future holds.   

  • ANALYSIS: Ottawa-area researchers undertook a field study to determine how well wood chips work as a barrier to ticks accessing recreational trails. We’ll take a look at that study and what these researchers learned from their experiment.

  • ANALYSIS: A Canadian research lab investigated the controversies and conundrums relating to the microbiological aspects of Lyme disease and I’ll give you the highlights from their massive, wide-ranging report.

  • NEWS BRIEFS: A research scientist discusses the limitations of Lyme disease tests, Canadian medical students criticize the lack of climate-related health education, brain doctors weigh in on how Lyme disease contributes to OCD, and Thunder Bay officially records its first Lyme disease case. 

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